About the author – Tim Packer

I’m a passionate advocate and practitioner of permaculture and have been for nearly two decades now. Having formal training in organics, bio-dynamics, permaculture and conventional farming nutrient management I have been fortunate enough to gain experience across a broad range of production systems. 

Much of my focus today is on urban sustainability topics, and as a member of Innermost Community Gardens which is a community resource and a medium to demonstrate permaculture applied for inner city purpose.

If you would like to contact me you can generally find me at garden days every first and third Sunday at Innermost Community Gardens. Or you can fill in the contact form below, please note that while it may take some time for me to reply, i always do.


There have been so many people involved in the development of these journals. I am grateful to those who have invested in my learning over the years and those who continue to coach and guide me today.

To Shar Packer, Kay Baxter, Laureen Bamford, Phyllis Tichinin, Dan Hemenway, Jeff Lowenfels, John Ridout, Adam Shand, Darren Castelyn, Grant Lyon, Richard Self, Peter Proctor, Rachel Pomeroy, Hugh and Mike Packer my sincere thanks for your contributions to these writings. John Ridout, I miss our chats, may you rest in peace my friend.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported my comfrey research. This project has not been as straight forward as I first envisaged, welcome to the world of science Tim, but progress has been made.

Special thanks to John Holt and my brothers Mike and Hugh who gave me the energy to get the comfrey research project off the ground and to Mike who developed the initial science plan to make it all real. To Bryant and Olivia Richardson who provided marketing work in kind to develop my pledge me campaign I am truly indebted to you both.  And to all of the Pledgeme campaign supporters who are listed on my Pledgeme page my humble thanks for your support and faith in this project.

To my wonder dog and best mate Cara who is currently having her belly rubbed underfoot as I write this, thanks for keeping me company rain or shine, and for the raised eyebrow on many an occasion preceding and preventing another type 1 error, you are the wisest being i know.

                                Cara the Wonder Dog

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